Te Ao Huri Rapana Neill — Hero Sandwiches



Who are you/what do you do?

Te Ao Huri Rapana Neill - I’m a 29-year-old Maori entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed pie sandwich expert. The last 5 years have been massive for me and a time in which I’ve really developed as a human being. Through some poor decision making and a general lack of self-awareness, I found myself asking serious questions about the direction I was taking in life. I attribute most of my “success” so far to learning more about the power of vulnerability and projection, they’re my biggest assets to I'm now the proud founder and director of 'Man Up' Charitable Trust and head honcho at Hero sandwich house, an Auckland via Melbourne sandwich chain (does 2 shops count as a chain? haha)

My favourite place to work? 
Auckland art gallery members lounge, memberships are 50 bucks per year (reasonable) and you feel like an absolute cultured boss, whilst also admiring the beauty that is albert park. Plus smoko is essentially a stroll around all the new exhibitions. 
Best place to chill? 
On mums couch, wherever that may be, you can’t beat mums couch, you just can’t. *mummas boy 

Favourite memory? 
Eating xmas ham and xmas turkey on toasted vogels, with best foods mayo, for the last 28years *privilege 
Dream that I’m making come true? 
My brother and I both dreamed of owning a fast food franchise since we were about 5 and that desire has never wavered, I like to pretend that I’m basically there now
What am I wearing?
Im wearing my kids sized beanie from the warehouse (I will be murdered for divulging this O.G hot tip), some black reebok tracks, checks tee, vans hood and my steadfast overshirt for that plush. Got the racers on the feet!